Notification of VIDICINE

Notification of VIDICINE

A year ago, our research team embarked on a huge research project aimed at finding out the complementary treatment for Covid 19. This was in response to the pandemic that befell the world and confirmed by WHO in March 2020. Being practitioners in the field of natural medicine, we found it important to engage in first tracking of the solution to save our people who were helplessly seeking for the immediate help. Aware that China had suffered more than 200 pandemics in the last 5000 years and much of the success was achieved using natural medicines. And with our experience, natural medicine practice for the last 21 years, we had to be at the forefront of this fight.

Tonight, I would like to inform Ugandans and the world of science, that the journey of finding this solution is taking shape. We registered a landmark step on the 16th of August 2021 when National Drug Authority notified our herbal medicine under the brand name Kazire Vidicine. This notification permits that, our drug can now be manufactured at large scale and be sold in all registered and accredited pharmacies, and drug shops across the country.

It should be noted that around June this year, during our laboratory experimentation, an unknown individual snapshot and sneaked this product into the social media with its laboratory code name “Covicine.” We carefully handled the matter with the help of expert team from National Drug Authority (NDA).

We wish to inform you that this scientific journey is successfully progressing in collaboration with National Drug Authority (NDA). We will do everything humanly possible to turn the effects this virus to the level of a simple flu that can be managed through home care. It is not the first time for a virus from SARS family to attack humanity, all we need is information about it and use the same information to identify the molecules from the existing herbs to manage it.

As the Principal Investigator, I would like to commend the support given to me by Kazire Health Products Limited Research Fellows, Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST), and International Research Fellows from the People’s Republic of China both in Shangai and Hanzhou. I am indebted to the government of the Republic of Uganda especially the Ugandan embassy in China, and National Drug Authority (NDA).

Special thanks go to my wife Mrs. Tukwasibwe Evas and Children for their moral and spiritual support. My spiritual communities of Yesu Ahurire and Uganda Martyrs Parish who prayed tirelessly to the success of this scientific journey.

Heartfelt thanks go out to the Kazire Health Products Limited scientific team especially Hilda Orishaba, Sedrack Atuhaire, Dickson Musasizi, and Andrew Twesigye together with the company’s staff and administration for their tireless efforts through this journey. Further appreciations go to Assoc. Prof. Mai Abdalla (Gezira University, Sudan), Prof. Patrick Engeu Ogwang (MUST), Prof. Robert Tamkong (MUST), Assoc. Prof. Abdelgadir Alamin (Gezira University, Sudan), Clement Olusoji Ajayi (MUST), Ms. Patricia Wagana (MUST) Ivan Kahwa (MUST), Hon. Robert Rukari (MP. Mbarara City Division, North), Hon. Bright Rwamirama (MP. Isingiro North) and the fellows of Master of Pharmacognosy and Natural Medicine Science for their continuous support. Lastly, to my family especially my parents and siblings, for the patience and support you offered while I was away pursuing this scientific project. I thank you all!

In a special a way, I would like to recognise Kazire Health Products Limited for providing equipment for extraction and processing, Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST) for providing excellent facilities and knowledge that facilitated this scientific study. A significant part of laboratory experimentation from Toxicity studies, TLC, HPL, animal tests and microbial tests were all done from Mbarara University of Science and Technology science laboratories. We thank God for the existence of this powerful university in our region.

Members of the press and the general public, well aware that Kazire Health Products has been with you in the journey of improving the health of our people and their lives, I would like to inform you that we are now entering a new phase of natural medicine scientific advancement. In this journey we will have more collaborators but most importantly, we recognise our long-time partners who happen to be Ugandans and the mainstream media. We promise to move this journey together until our health standards meet the global standards.

May God bless you all!

For God and My Country!

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