Inspiring Story of self-made billionaire Edward Kazire

Newspaper Article Authors: Kalema William


At only 40 years old, Dr. Edward Kazaire is a household name in Uganda largely because of his herbal clinics and health drinks.

Having failed at jobs in the city, he used the UGX 20,000 left as transport back to the village to start doing what made many think he was mad. 14 years later, DR EDWARD KAZAIRE has built a more than 15 billion shillings Business Empire out of herbs.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry in 2002, Kazaire hit the streets and walked his shoes out looking for jobs left and right. “I went to Kampala Pharmaceutical Industries wishing to produce tablets but wasn’t given an opportunity. I tried my luck at National Water and Sewerage Corporation and the only available slot was for volunteering. I went to several other places and it was the same story – no jobs.”

Being the first born out of eight children, Kazaire did not have anyone to pamper him so he had to survive on his own. “I decided to turn myself into a self-styled chemistry teacher and taught in three schools. But payment was only after lots of tears at some schools. A cloud of misery surrounded me. Every day that passed, things were getting tougher and rougher. This was surely not the deal I had made with Jesus. In that frustrating moment, I prayed with a brother called Charles Birungi and I felt God asking me to go back home.

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