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We produce an array of products. Kazire Red tonic, Kazire Vit fruit drink, Kazire Aloe green tea drink, Kazire Lemon green tea, Kazire Orange tea juice and Kazire power tonic drink.


Improving the health and livelihood of people and their communities.


To promote the health and improve socioeconomic livelihood of people through production of health products, generating employment by downsizing the technology, promoting research and innovations in agro-processing.


Respect for human dignity, integrity, ethics and selfless contribution towards sustainable development.

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Kazire Health Products Limited (KHPL) was incorporated in 2008 as a private limited company in Uganda deeply committed to improving the health wellbeing of people and their communities. Established as a small entity to serve small communities, Kazire Health Products Limited has grown over the years and emerged quickly as a leader and quality provider of natural medicines, health beverages, fruits and root juices.

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Aloe Green Tea Drink

Extracted from Aloe vera, great tea and ginseng. It has vitamins A, C, E Folic Acid, choline, B1,2,3,6,12 and minerals. It is a de-toxicant, soothes and cleanse the digestive tract

Kazire Lemon Green Tea

Extracted from lemon, green tea, and honey. It is a stimulant and an antioxidant. Lowers blood cholesterol and pressure, important in weight management.

Kazire Orange Tea Juice

Extracted from oranges, carrots, pineapples and honey. Boosts immune system,eases the digestion and improves appetite.

Kazire Vit Fruit Drink

Extracted from beetroot, pineapples, hibiscus sabdariffa flowers, and honey. Helps on peptic ulcers, increase blood volume plus supporting the immune system.

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