Frequently Asked Questions

What are the products of Kazire?

Kazire Health products has eight products under its brand including six health juices and two pharmaceutical products. Health juices include Diet Aloe Green Tea Drink, Lemon Green Tea Drink, Vit Mixed Fruit Juice, Orange Tea Drink, Power Tonic and Red Tonic. Pharmaceutical Products include Kazire Vidicine for cough and flue and Kazire Alsaton for ulcers, both are approved by the National Drug Authority and they are progressively under clinical trials by CONAT. 

What are the benefits of Kazire products?

Kazire Health Products are natural and organic in nature. They have minimal side effects and are produced after thorough scientific processes to minimize the possibility of toxins that emerge from extraction and compounding of herbs and fruits. 

What is the use of Kazire Aloe Green Tea Drink?

Extracted from Aloe vera, green tea and ginseng. It has vitamins A, C, E Folic Acid, choline, B1,2,3,6,12 and minerals. It is a de-toxicant, soothes and cleanse the digestive tract.

Which of Kazire Health products can help on ulcers?

Our main product for management of ulcers is Alsaton which is approved by the National Drug Authority. It is only sold in authorized drug shops and pharmacies country wide. However, if your situation is not severe and you have minor symptoms, or intending preventive measures, try out Kazire Vit Mixed Fruit Juice. This can be found in all shops and supermarket country wide. These two products can work synergistically in managing ulcers

Why is Kazire Aloe Green Tea no longer sour like before?

Yes, its true, there has been changes and modifications in the product formula. There was an addition of other herbs and vegetables particularly cactus due to its high medicinal values. In fact, its volume was also reduced from 280ml to 250ml and the name changed from Aloe Green Tea Drink to Diet Aloe Green Tea Drink. All these changes have been informed by scientific studies by the Research and Development Division of Kazire Health Products Limited. Therefore, we have added more ingredients and increased its efficacy levels though the bitterness has reduced.

Can Kazire Diet Aloe Green Tea help on malaria

Alion and Aloe-Emodin compounds in aloe vera have antimalarial properties and therefore help in the management of malaria. However, we cannot independently confirm or claim the therapeutic efficacy of this product, you can only use it for management as you seek medical support from specialized medical facility

Which of Kazire Health products helps on weight management?

Our two products i.e., Kazire Lemon Green Tea and Diet Aloe Green Tea Drink have compounds that helps in weight management. Lemon polyphenols help in weight management whereas the presence of Vitamin B in aloe vera helps convert fat present in the body into energy and therefore aids weight loss. Enjoy these two products available in all shops and supermarkets countrywide.

Can Aloe vera reduce tummy fat?

The presence of Vitamin B in aloe vera helps convert fat present in the body into energy ,therefore aids in reducing body fats.

Where they can I access Kazire products especially in Kampala?

Kazire Health Products has two main depots in Kampala, one is Kisasi along Bahai Road next to Span Medicare, and the second one is Kisenyi Opposite Link Bus Park. Beyond our depots, you can access our products in all shops and supermarkets across the Greater Kampala Metropolitan. For more information, you can reach out to us via phone call +256200803330 /+256393248008  or WhatsApp +256707662099

If one wants to open depots with Kazire Health Products how can they do?

Kazire Health Products are officially distributed by Liz Logistics Co. Limited, any negotiations can be addressed to this company through their email: or through the Sales Manager Allan Bob Mbabazi via his Mobile: +256 775 729342 

If one has fruits how can they supply Kazire Health products Limited ?

Yes, if you have fruits and would like to supply us, don’t hesitate to call us on: 0782801622 or WhatsApp: 0707662099