Kazire Agriculture

Kazire Agriculture is a new division established to spearhead the company’s efforts to contribute to socioeconomic development. After succeeding in the use of natural agricultural inputs to process health-based beverages with a sole aim of promoting people’s health, the Kazire Health Products Limited has embarked on agriculture primary production incorporating community members who have for the last 15 years been supplying the company with inputs.

As a means of its core objective of improving the lives of people and their communities, the company came up with an idea of setting a nucleus farm through which farmers will be trained in improved farming practices, access clean and improved planting materials as well as motivation on the relevance of improved farming practices.

The company established a 300-acre banana plantation with 100 heads of cattle under zero-grazing to provide the plantation with a sustainable source of organic manure. Going forward, the company intends to incorporate 500 households in a one-acre model of maximum production. The incorporated households will be provided with free training and planting materials from the company’s nucleus farm. The nucleus farm has research facilities for internship students, researchers as well as residential training for individual and group farmers.

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