Kazire Agriculture

In pursuit of its vision and mission, Kazire Health Products Limited with support from Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) and the government of Uganda has establish an agro-industrial project in Masindi Agricultural Park located in Nyakarongo local council one, Kimengo Parish, Kimengo Sub-County, Baruli County, in Masindi District. Site geographical coordinates are A: 1.627743°31.938190°, B: 1.616529°31.949794°, C: 1.595932°31.928057° and D: 1.607987° 31.915059°.

Kazire Health Products Limited is establishing an agro-industrial hub in Masindi on a 960-acre piece of land that was provided by Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) as part of its support rendered to local investors. The company is utilizing the land to boost production capacity and integrate surrounding communities into agricultural value chain development systems. The ongoing project is going to be a one-stop centre for horticulture and medicinal plants production tailored around improved indigenous scientific innovations.

The project involves the integration of animal husbandry (under semi-zero grazing) with crop production under irrigation and intercropping. The Company through the Research and Development Department has identified the source of quality planting materials for citrus, pineapple, aloe vera, cactus and other medicinal plants from different communities and institutions in Uganda. These planting materials are being collected and multiplied through greenhouse system at the farm in Masindi district.

It is from this hub that the affiliated farmers are being enrolled to be trained and given farm inputs to improve their farming practices in collaboration with DAI a USAID implementing partner involved in agriculture value chain management systems in Uganda. The project is still at the baseline level whereby an Inclusive Business Plan (IBP), which will identify the areas of need and streamline collaborative approaches with the Kazire Agriculture Farm and the neighbouring communities. The Project is looking at enrolling 2000 farmers who are going to be tailored at Kazire Agriculture Farm and they will involve mainly in horticulture and medicinal plants farming. At the Kazire Agriculture farm, multiplication of planting materials and planting is going on. Besides horticulture and medicinal plants, animal husbandry is being established to provide organic manure for supporting the crop husbandry.












Outlook of the Kazire Agriculture Farm Head Quarter