Kazire Health Products Announces Southern Africa Expansion after Securing UIA Support


Kazire Health Products Limited is expanding its operations in Southern Africa, looking at “all member states of the Southern African Development Cooperation (SADC)”. SADC is made up of 16 countries.

According to its website, the company, which makes healthcare products, is already operating in Rwanda and is also planning to set up shop in the Central African Republic.

The development was announced by the company’s Chief Executive Officer Dr. Edward Kazaire, while speaking to officials from the Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) who conducted a monitoring exercise of investors in the Western region this past week.

According to Dr. Kazire, the expansion to Southern Africa will be facilitated by the bottling line being established in Tanzania. Kazire Health Products was allocated 2.5 square miles in the Masindi Industrial Park to establish a nuclear farm for growing lemons and other crops.

Dr. Kazaire attributed the success of his company to the investment license he was able to acquire within three days from the Uganda Investment Authority.

“The licence has enabled us acquire loans to grow the company now standing at Sh6bn and the establishment of farmer’s clusters who grow crops that feed into the factory,” he said, according to a statement on the UIA website.

The company is also establishing Kazire Agriculture Farm in Ntungamo district for banana value chain management where farmers will be trained and empowered with agricultural inputs. “Overall 25,000 will directly and indirectly benefit from this project”.

Kazire produces Kazire Red tonic, Kazire Vit fruit drink, Kazire Aloe green tea drink, Kazire Lemon green tea, Kazire Orange tea juice and Kazire power tonic drink.

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